Metal Roof Contractors – Airdrie, Alberta

If you’ve been searching for experienced metal roof contractors available in the Airdrie, Alberta area, 2nd Generation Exteriors is the team you’ve been looking for! We are proud to bring facility managers, building owners, homeowners, and more the high-quality metal roofing services they need to help maximize the lifespan they receive from their metal roof. Metal roofing systems were designed with incredible longevity in mind and we’re here to help yours succeed! Call our team today at (587) 968 – 3525 and know you’ll soon have a reliable roof you can trust in again.


As a full-service roofing contractor, we can handle anything your metal roof might need with ease. From simple repairs to tricky leak detection to restorations and replacements, we’ve got you covered. Don’t be lured by the promise of cheap prices, do a little research and make sure you’re hiring a reputable contractor who won’t compromise the integrity of your metal roof! It will pay off greatly to ensure you’re working with the right professionals and we’re here to answer any of your questions.

Restore It

Metal roofs are often great candidates for roof coatings, which are also commonly known as roof restorations. Roof coatings are incredibly lightweight and can typically be reapplied several times throughout your roof’s life. They deliver the trusted, watertight protection that your roof initially had and are a strong, durable option that do incredibly well in our climate! We work hard to repair and restore our customer’s roofs whenever it’s the best course of action to take, if your roof is too far gone and it’s past the point of restoration, we’ll let you know your high-quality roof replacement options. Whatever the state of your roof is, we’ve got what you need to have reliable protection for your home or building!

Reach Out Today

Metal roof contractors aren’t a hard thing to find in the Airdrie, Alberta area, but knowing you’re working with true professionals that have your best interest at the forefront of every job is where the questions come in. 2nd Generation Exteriors is honored to be the company you can trust for all your roofing needs. Keep things in prime condition and keep yourself worry free, reach out to us today at (587) 968 – 3525.

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